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"One hour he's doing an awesome sales seminar, and thirty minutes later he's ready to do our awards banquet.  So, why am I speaking to you now instead of at the closing? 

It's Simple...

I don't want to follow him, and I think everyone here knows why."

- introduction by
James Randall, President,
Archer Daniels Midland

"One of the Consummate Speakers of the Year"
- Sharing Ideas Magazine


Boeing Military Aircraft - Cargill - 3M - Archer Daniels Midland - Land O' Lakes - Blue Cross Blue Shield - Mutual of Omaha - GROWMARK - Pfizer - Cenex - Hospital Executive Associations - Texas Healthcare Association - Kansas School Administrators - Texas Credit Union Association - Arizona State University
David Okerlund, a passionate, award-winning, speaker incorporates years of experience as a hospital administrator, national sales manager, newspaper columnist, and communications coach into his messages.  With his mastery of emotional intelligence and situational empathy, he touches audiences in a way that they will never forget.  Your organization will leave renewed and inspired and if they are like most of David’s past clients they will be asking to hear David again.

Maybe the best way to describe David Okerlund is to read what one of the speaking legends of all time, Nido Qubein, said after he hired David to speak to the students of High Point University and then to over 1,000 corporate leaders at the annual Thanksgiving Luncheon he personally sponsors. Nido said, “He was outstanding!  Both times.. His message was right on target and he is the easiest to work with. I admire him and I appreciate your recommending him.” President Qubein’s son, Ramsey Qubein, Account Executive of McNeill Lehman added even more by commenting, “David Okerlund’s presentation was a mesmerizing experience for our audience, and he certainly created an impression that many are still talking about today.  His mix of humor and poignant stories made it a memorable occasion.  We appreciate his professionalism and genuine style.  They loved him!”   How do you categorize a speaker who has accomplished the following:

He’s a rare, cross-over speaker who can deliver a powerful, tone setting keynote - followed by a wide variety of seminar programs - and then set the place on fire with a humorous after-dinner banquet address.  As one person commented, “David Okerlund has the passion of Zig Ziglar, the depth of knowledge of Covey, and the humor of Bill Cosby, and it doesn’t  get much better than that!”

  • David has given over 2,500 speeches to over 1,000,000 people without one disappointed client.
  • Twice he finished in the final three of the World Championship of Public Speaking, a contest of over 20,000 individuals from over thirty countries.
  • He taught speech and debate at Oxford University in England and was asked to debate Patrick Buchanan at the prestigious Oxford University Debate Club. 
  • He was inducted into the International Hall of Fame for Speakers in 1984.
  • He helped design a class in Persuasion and Ethics for university graduate students in Minnesota.
  • David Okerlund has been described by Baseball Hall of Fame shortstop Ozzie Smith and others as the “best personal speech coach in the United States.”

David has written three books with a fourth book, The 7 Traits of Dynamic Leaders in Leadership Roles due to be published this year.

  • He has won more speaking contests in his lifetime than any other professional speaker on the market today.  
  • He founded The Creative Communications Institute, an organization dedicated  to assisting individuals and corporations with their communication needs.
  • David has served as a personal communications coach for corporate executives, political figures, passionate beginners, Miss America beauty contestants, and celebrity figures like Ozzie Smith, Frank Robinson, Tony Little, and others.
  • He is a poet, a newspaper columnist, and a pretty fair tenor.    



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