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"When I needed a speech coach, I told my agent to find
the best one available.  And he did when he
recommended David Okerlund.  If I belong in the
Baseball Hall of Fame, then David Okerlund belongs in
the Speakers' Hall of Fame."

Ozzie Smith, Hall of Fame shortstop, St. Louis Cardinals  

"One of the Consummate Speakers of the Year"
- Sharing Ideas Magazine

Are you serious about improving your communication skills?

If you choose to utilize the services of the Creative Communications Institute you will be working directly with its founder, David Okerlund.  When it comes to the personal training portion of our business, David works with a limited number of clients on a one-on-one relationship.  Whether sculpturing a new speech or working on your presentation skills, David Okerlund will be your personal coach from start to finish. This relationship may not apply to large group training sessions and general workshops provided by the institute where other trainers might be utilized.

So what does that mean?  First, we have no intention of trying to be a mega-training center for communication programs, because David believes that ultimate training can best be achieved through a personal relationship with clients. Second, you will be working with perhaps the best communications coach in America today.  Just try and find another person who has reached Hall of Fame status in all 3 critical areas: as a speaker, a writer, and a teacher.

So, if you are seriously considering using a speech coach or writer  to help you attain a greater proficiency and array of  ommunication skills, then simply do the following:

1. Read the following information that explains the many services available.
2. Based on the information provided, decide which options are best suited for your needs.
3. Then contact Professional Speakers Network and arrange for a personal phone conversation with
   David Okerlund.
4. Based on that discussion you will receive an individual proposal which includes costs and services to be provided.
5. No fees will be charged for completing the above steps.

Think about this statement.  "Next to the English language itself, the single greatest talent you can develop - that will determine more of your success in business, sales, leadership, relationships, and a host of other areas - is your ability to effectively communicate.  No other skill comes even close to its impact on your life!"

That philosophy is the heart and soul of David Okerlund's approach to speech training, and no one does it better.  Just look at his track record:

  • In the last twenty years David has spoken to over 2,500 audiences, totaling over 1 million people.
  • He has won more speaking awards than any other speaker in the United States.
  • He has taught speech from the high school level to Oxford University in England.
  • David has worked with passionate beginners to presidential candidates, celebrity athletes, Fortune 500 CEO's, Miss America beauty contestants, and small town business owners who just want to make a difference in their local communities.
  • He's a highly honored educator as well as an International Hall of Fame Speaker, and that is a very unusual combination that many speech coaches can't claim.  He's truly been there and done that!
  • Perhaps most importantly, David is willing to work with individuals at any level of proficiency and take them to any level they desire to achieve!

What makes strong communication skills so vital today?

If you are serving in any leadership or management role in today's business world you need to realize that with all the change and chaos going on there has been a polar shift in employee needs.  Today, their job satisfaction doesn't come from your ability to just give them what they "want," like retirement programs, opportunities for advancement, and recognition.  Their loyalty and commitment is greatly dependent on your ability to give them what they "need."  The two most important needs expressed by employees across America is "inspiration" and "vision," and that is best achieved through our effectiveness to communicate.  As David often says, "Speak to someone's mind, and they will listen. However, speak to someone's heart and they will believe and take action.  Where the first approach may get compliance, the second approach achieves bonding, passion, and commitment."

What is The Creative Communications Institute and what options does it offer to you?

David Okerlund started the institute in 1992 as a resource center for both organizations and individuals wanting assistance in the field of rhetoric and other communication skills.  Since then he has worked with numerous  companies and individuals to improve their speaking talents.  Here are some of the options currently being offered.

Small Group Training

Often a CEO will gather up his top two or three officers and bring them to the center in North Central Iowa where David will work with them as a small group and on a one-on-one basis. These intimate, highly interactive sessions are specifically designed to work on solutions and methods they all can use to become a more dynamic management team. This option also supports succession training some companies use to develop their next generation of corporate leaders. These retreats can run from one to three days in length.

Large Group Workshops

These 1/2 day to full-day sessions are usually conducted on site for organizations or nearby conference facilities. Sometimes these are also held in conjunction with annual conventions or retreats. Regardless of the location, David provides interactive speech training based on his book, The 7 Critical Traits of Dynamic Communicators.  Advanced training programs for company trainers are also available.

Personal Training

This  is a process that is formulated around the client's needs and availability for training.  Some clients come to the institute for three or four days and work intensively to achieve their desired results. For some whose schedules are more demanding, the training can take place over time, depending on scheduling opportunities.  When client's can't get away, David will come to their location to conduct the training.  Some of the reviews and lessons can be done through video critiques and one-on-one iChat video

Speech Crafting

This is a special service where David will ghost write critical keynote addresses individual clients plan to give. This might include commencement addresses, annual sales presentations, kickoff keynotes, product launches, divisional presentations, and other speaking assignments. David sits down with each client for many hours and interviews them until he has captured their word style, their preferred sentence structure, and their level of comfort with empathy builders and humor, and finally the subject matter that the speech will cover. David insists upon this interview. Why? As he says, "When I write a speech for someone else I want it to fit them like a glove. I want them to have complete ownership because without it, their efforts will never get the results they want. I don't want them to hear responses that include words like that was really good. I want them to hear simple words like WOW!"

Annual Retainer

Every year David works on a retainer basis with a limited number of clients. During the year he will review speeches, help craft addresses, continue personal training, do on site reviews, and be available on an on-call basis for any questions or challenges that might arise. If you want him in Chicago to review a presentation - he will be there. If you simply want to talk about a problem, call him on a 24/7 basis.

About David Okerlund

You will never find another speech and communications trainer who lives and breathes the art more deeply than David Okerlund. As David states, "There are hundreds of trainers who teach communications from a philosophical and academic backdrop but have never been in the trenches themselves; have never stood before an audience of 24,000 people or presented a humorous banquet speech for an annual sales conference. On the other side of the fence, you will find many professional speakers who have moved into thecommunications training environment to supplement their income, but don't have the advanced degrees in speech as a foundation for their training programs. I grew up in the communications trenches, got my speech degree there, and have practiced the art every week of the year."

Experienced Hall-of Fame Presenter

David Okerlund earned his college degree in speech communication from Hastings College where he obtained national rankings in original oration, debate, and extemporaneous speaking. In his first year of teaching speech he was nominated as an Outstanding Young Educator in his field.

He has 25 years of training experience in communications, persuasion and advocacy, and is the Executive Director of the Creative Communications  Institute. He has trained a wide variety of individuals including company executives, political leaders, trainers, sports celebrities, and fellow professional speakers.

David taught summer sessions in speech and rhetoric at Oxford University in England and in 1987 was invited to represent the United States at the world famous Oxford Union Debate Society. He has also conducted master degree level classes in Persuasion
and Ethics for educators.

He is a member of the International Speakers Hall of Fame, a Distinguished Toastmaster in Toastmasters International, and one of only several people to have twice finished in the final three of the World Championship of Public Speaking; a contest that includes over 20,000 people from over 40 different countries.

As a professional speaker, David has shared the platform with American greats like Lee Iaoccoa, Bob Hope, Dr. Robert Schuller, and President George Bush. Sharing Ideas Magazine has twice named him as a "Consummate Speaker of the Year."

What do some of his clients have to say?

Ozzie Smith, Hall of Fame shortstop, St. Louis Cardinals: "When I needed a speech coach, I told my agent to find the best one available. And he did when he recommended David Okerlund. If I belong in the Baseball Hall of Fame, then David Okerlund belongs in the Speakers' Hall of Fame."

USA Today sportswriter Hal Bodley described the speech David wrote for Ozzie Smith's induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame this way:, " It might have been the finest speech ever by a Hall of Famer. It was as if Dorothy and her friends took Ozzie by the hand and led him to the promised land. It was a moment that won't be soon forgotten. Nobody ever told his story on the big stage in Cooperstown like he did."

Ron Mumm, past Commander of the Air Force's Thunderbirds : "Not long after working with David Okerlund I had the opportunity to apply what he had taught me. When I finished my presentation, I received my very first standing ovation, and absolutely every single person present came forward to personally thank me for my inspirational message.
David is an outstanding speech writer, but he is probably the finest speech coach in America today!"

Bill McKenna, President, American Truck Dealers Association: "David Okerlund turned a sows ear into a silk purse. He enabled me to stand before 5,000 people and set the tone for our national convention like it was never done before at a very critical time
over some very critical issues."

Steve Goudy , VP Sales, Duncan Aviation:  "David Okerlund is one of the premier speech coaches in America, hands down. His approach is original and powerful in helping clients discover the magic of effective communications. We would gladly recommend
him to any potential client who wanted to master theart of communications."

Dan Peterson, Pharmacist Mutual: "David Okerlund has the incredible ability to take the best of you and help transform that into every presentation. Whether it's humorous, inspirational, or motivational, there is simply no finer speech coach on the face of the planet."

Confidentiality David has a number of clients who prefer complete confidentiality when working with a speech coach. Because of their position, they prefer that their efforts to improve are not publicly known. They don't want their name to end up on a brochure or in any public reference. That confidentiality is strictly adhered to by the Institute.

So think about your needs, and if you want to work with one of the best personal speech coaches in America, call or e-mail us.

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